Weird Criminal Law Stories 241

SOMALIA: This probably is not a crime in Somalia – but it should be. A radio station in this country operated by the al-Shabab Islamist group is giving guns and bombs to children who call in and correctly answer questions about the Koran.  We hear that first prize is a $700 AK-47 assault rifle; second prize is two less expensive rifles; and third prize is two hand grenades.

…and the country continues to go BOOM!

OHIO: We have learned that a 37 year old woman charged with having sex with a 13 year old boy was sent back to jail on a bail violation after she tried to contact the boy by sending him a note wrapped in a burrito.  Prosecutors contend that the burrito love note was a violation of the no contact provision of Amy Blose’s $20,000 bail.

I’ve heard of sexual desperation but this goes a little too far…

GEORGIA: An activist group here has gone to court to demand their right to carry their guns to church.  The group,, is attempting to strengthen the Second Amendment right by saying the right to bear arm in church is protected by the First Amendment.  A group spokesperson said, ‘Why would you not want to take a gun to church?”

The NRA must be behind this…

 WEST VIRGINIA: Angela J. Dehart, 23, had just jumped out of her friend’s car after an argument and needed a ride home, police report. So, that is when she came upon a hearse, its door open and a casket inside, parked outside a funeral home.  Allegedly she gave herself a lift.  Police found the hearse and Ms. Dehart a few hours later. An arrest was made.

How dastardly.  The man or woman in the casket missed his or her own funeral.


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