Weird Criminal Law Stories 243

 PENNSYLVANIA: A man allegedly assaulted a police officer who made a traffic stop of him for DUI on a lawn tractor. Mark Grove, 44, had a coffee mug full of beer sitting on his tractor.  He allegedly told the office “I’m drunk. Just take me home.”  He then kicked the officer and, once in the police cruiser, head butted the protective partition between the front and back seat of the vehicle.

Drunk and dumb…bad combination!

 CHINA: It has been reported that police in China discovered a real life clown car when they pulled over an eight passenger minivan and found 66 children inside. None of the 4 and 5 year olds appeared to be hurt.  The driver who was taking the children to school had replaced the minivan’s seats with rows of wooden benches.

Yep, a real circus…

Wichita, KS: Recently, a Kansas man was stabbed in the scrotum with a hypodermic needle which broke off in the 39 year old’s body. A Wichita police report maintains that the victim told the police the stabbing occurred during an argument with the needle wielder. Investigators further aver that the victim has not been cooperative with officials leading them to believe that the attacker is a girlfriend or former girlfriend of the man with the punctured scrotum.  The victim was taken to the hospital for surgery.  Police have made no arrests in connection with the assault.


San Jose, CA: Police here have cited three women working in a local coffee house for public nudity for allegedly serving customers while topless at the Quyen Café. There has been an ongoing fight in San Jose between city officials and coffee house in the Vietnamese neighborhood, where servers many times work in revealing clothes.  Here they wore no tops.

The headline read: “No jiggle with the java.”

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