Weird Criminal Law Stories 244

IRELAND: No more free wigs in Ireland! It has been reported that in a move to save money the Irish government says it will no longer pay for judges’ wigs.  Until now, each new judge has received a white dyed horsehair wig that cost taxpayers $3,000.

After 800 years of wig wearing judges why don’t they just junk the silly idea?

 CALIFORNIA: Remember the “Mr. Magoo” cartoons? FBI agents in California are searching for the “The Mr. Magoo Bandit.” A bank robber, who is bald with thick glasses, like the famous cartoon character, is wanted for a string of a dozen bank robberies between San Diego and San Francisco.

Wonder if the bandit is as blind as the real Mr. Magoo?

 Dallas, TX: You don’t hear about this kind of crime often. Police in Dallas are hunting for the man who attacked a woman with a frozen armadillo.  The man was about to sell the iced carcass as food to the woman before they got into an argument over price. That’s when he used the armadillo as a weapon and threw it at her.  The 57 year old woman suffered bruises.

How much does a frozen armadillo cost, anyway?

 MISSISSIPPI: A Mississippi man, Ronald Wade, 31, was arrested and jailed after applying to become a county jail corrections officer. Why? He was arrested after the Warren County Sheriff’s Department performed a routine background check and found that he was wanted in Florida for DUI manslaughter.

Ironic, no?


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