Weird Criminal Law Stories 247

Aiken, SC: A lady in Aiken joked with a 10 year old on Halloween about stealing his trick or treat candy. The boy became so incensed that he pulled a gun on the lady. Fortunately, we learn the gun was not loaded.

What a little punk!!!

 Des Moines, IA: A woman was so angry about being defriended on Facebook, she went to the ex-friend’s home an allegedly burned down her garage.  It appears that Jennifer C. Harris was angry that her target tried to organize a party for her on Facebook and no one wanted to come. Police report that the dispute escalated to defriending and then to arson.

The next step might have been death if an arrest hadn’t been made!

ALABAMA: Here’s another story with a Facebook angle. An Alabama man was arrested after he allegedly put a status update on his Facebook page that read: “Has any 1 else eva thought bout strappin a bomb on n walk n a police department n blow da [expletive deleted] up?” Since Montigo Arrington was on probation police went to his home, allegedly discovered he possessed kiddie porn and arrested him.


Groton, MA: We learn that an employee at the Groton water Department was spending his time working on another  liquid than water.  Plant officials said that he had been operating a still and making moonshine liquor at the plant. No word on whether he was fired and arrested or just fired.



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