Weird Criminal Law Stories 248

VIRGINIA: This one is about a man who was quickly arrested. Here’s the report. A Virginia man who was fed up with waiting for the results of some medical tests showed up at the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center with a machete and a can of gasoline, insisting on answers about his tests.

Yes, the idiot was quickly arrested… 

San Diego, CA: Baron Stein, an unemployed tow truck driver, admitted he was struggling to feed his family when he stole 1,000 pounds of avocados, worth $1,500.  He confessed his crime and took a plea deal.  He was given no jail time but as part of his probation he was ordered to possess no more than 10 avocados at any one time.

Yuk, Yuk…a judge with a sense of humor…. 

Topeka, KS: A fugitive on the lam in Topeka burst into a home where a frightened couple fed him and promised him money if he would leave.  The couple fled the home  when the fugitive fell asleep.  Thereafter he was quickly arrested.  He then filed a “breach of oral contract” suit against the couple because they never paid him. He is seeking damages of $235,000.


 Houston, TX:  We learn that a man here finally paid off his parking ticket from February 2, 1953.  Ale Crawford, 79, dropped off his 1946 Nash automobile at a metered spot before shipping out to fight in Korea.  His father was late in picking up the vehicle, leading to the ticket.  Crawford had recently found the old, unpaid ticket in a box of keepsakes and arranged to pay the $1 fine.

A real life “Honest Abe.”

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