Weird Criminal Law Stories From Abroad

ITALY: Here’s a story about a woman learning that she had tickets for illegally parking her car of 1,800 years! The woman learned of the tickets when she got a $44,500 bill.  The town was billing her for unpaid ticket dating back to 2008.  However, the clerk typed the year 208 into the computer, which charged her for parking fines dating back to the time of the Caesars in ancient Rome.

The Emperors of ancient Rome are in no position to fix the tickets!

 TURKEY: The headline in the Turkish paper read “Smugglers caught in police sting.” We learn that when the smuggler’s truck carrying contraband cigarettes, was stopped by police the smugglers let loose a swarm of bees.  This, of course, sent the police officers fleeing for their own safety.  The smugglers were arrested a short time later by police in beekeepers’ outfits.

BBBZZZZZ  BBBZZZZZZ….Caught in the sting indeed!

 CANADA: It has been reported that Canadian police are making an extreme effort to rid the streets of BB guns built to look like AK-47 assault rifles. The Royal Mounted Police have been conducting raids at gun stores across the county to recover a large shipment of the BB guns from China. Police are convinced that the guns can be easily converted into actual AK-47’s.


SWEDEN: Ever heard of “felonious feces?” Three thieves in Sweden were arrested after they stopped to take a dump in some bushes near the home of a strawberry farmer who they tied up and stole $1,500 from him. Police found what they reported as the “felonious feces” from which they were able to get DNA samples. The DNA led to the arrest of all three thieves.

Mighty unsanitary, but a very effective crime fighting tool….

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