Weird Criminal Law Stories 249

Heflin, AL: An Alabama city worker found himself face to face with a topless woman who attacked him.  No one knows why Anita Henderson Harris sneaked into a city storage facility or why she went after the worker, who was able to get away and call police after struggling with the naked to the waist woman.  Harris now faces assault and other charges in connection with the attack.

Girl gone wild….

 Gastonia, NC: A 9 year old boy was suspended from school for telling one of his friends that a teacher was cute. A substitute teacher overheard the remark and mentioned it to the principal, who punished the kid for “sexual harassment,” according to the boy’s mother.

This is so stupid! Where are we going as a society?

 OREGON: Merry Christmas! A man in the town of Aloha, Oregon broke into a couple’s home and attacked them with a tiki torch on Christmas morning 2011. The man who was dressed only in his underwear, socks and a bandana , swung the Hawaiian style torch at the residents.  When the male victim pulled out a gun, the intruder batted it out of his hand with the tiki torch and fled.  Police report the torch wielder appeared to have been on drugs.


  East Stroudsburg, PA: How is this for stupid! Keith Rebori held up a Pocanos pharmacy and left behind a great clue used to track him down – his birth certificate. Rebori, 23, held up the CVS pharmacy of painkillers on Thanksgiving of 2011. Nearby, police found a hooded sweatshirt used in the hold up and a backpack containing his birth certificate.

El Stupido!


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