Still More Weird Florida Criminal Law Stories 2012

Orlando, FL: After a 47 year old man was shot in the chest by an AK-47 at an Orlando motel, doctors patching up his wound found a tumor in his lung and removed it.  The man who had been shot during a “24 hour party” with hookers said he wants to use his second chance to turn his life around.

OK. No more “24 hour parties” with hookers… 

St. Petersburg, FL: A man wanted for violating probation in St. Petersburg was caught hiding in an attic after his two year old son told officers where he was.  The boy blurted out the attic hiding spot while officers were questioning his mother while she was claiming she did not the husband’s whereabouts.


Orlando, FL: It has been reported that police in Orlando thought they could be “flushing” out a group of terrorists.  Why? Well, they spotted a trailer marked with anti-government messages and a warning to “open At Your Risk.” They evacuated nearby buildings while a bomb squad officer gingerly went inside where he discovered two toilets and no terrorists.

A royal bust flush…. 

Orlando, FL: Sheriff’s deputies arrested two suspected shoplifters at an Orlando Walmart after one of them used a baby’s car seat to take a swing at one of the arresting deputies.  Unfortunately, the baby was still strapped in the baby seat. Jodie Willis, 25, and Megan Kelley, 21, were both arrested and charged with robbery and child neglect.  It was Kelley’s baby who Willis allegedly used as a weapon.

They could also be charged with: assault with a deadly weapon – baby….

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