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The law can be funny sometimes, but those who break the law can be even funnier. In Zany But All True Criminal Law Stories, Professor Leonard Birdsong uses his expertise and experience in criminal law to bring forth 250 of the most outrageous criminal stories in the world. From Germany to Chicago, this ebook covers just about every silly, unlawful citizen in the US and Europe. Birdsong even goes in depth with his chapter on his own state of Florida, showing how zany but all true criminal stories can happen just about anywhere.

Full of witty commentary from Professor Birdsong, Zany But All True Criminal Law Stories is sure to give you a few laughs. Underwear thieves, a “drunken dummy” or two, gum-nappers and a wide variety of just-plain-stupid criminals certainly make this comical anthology worth reading. Whether at a party with friends or home alone looking for a laugh, there is never a bad time for one of these crazy stories.

Professor Birdsong has even decided to throw in his list of favorites from around the US that are sure to become your favorites too! East to West, our country is full of crazy criminals and now, thanks to Professor Birdsong, those stories are here for you to enjoy. Talk about making the best of a bad situation!

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