Weird Criminal Law Stories 255

PENNSYLVANIA: A former state trooper is in trouble but happy that he only got house arrest and probation. Why? Douglas Sversko, 44, received the above mentioned sentence for sending a video of himself dancing in the nude to a 13 year old girl he had met on line.  The problem was there was no 13 year old girl. Instead, he sent his video to a male police investigator posing on line as a 13 year old girl.

          FREAKY FOOL…


ILLINOIS: A bandit in Chicago was ratted out by his loot. He held up a Radio Shack and grabbed electronics – including a GPS. We learn that it was easy for police to nab him because of the GPS. He was on the lam for only two hours.


GERMANY: A man in Berlin called police to complain that the woman he took home for a one night stand was demanding too much sex! We understand that he had to lock himself on his apartment balcony to avoid her loving advances. He called 911 and amused police officers showed up to save him from his predicament.



ENGLAND: After a British man suddenly changed his Facebook status to “single,” his girlfriend stole his car and crashed it at high speed through the glass doors of the bowling alley where he works. No one was hurt when jilted Claire Holley rammed the place.  However, her boyfriend should “unfriend” her for his safety.

          ZOOM ZOOM CRASH BOOM………..


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