Weird Criminal Law Stories 273

ENGLAND: British police stormed a pub in the town of Laleham called The Feathers’ after they saw a poster brazenly advertising live music “from 4 a.m.” No arrests were made, however. The coppers learned that the name of the band was “4 a.m.”


  AUSTRALIA: Police down under have recently urged citizens to be on the lookout for anyone making huge quantities of coleslaw or potato salad. They issued the alert after thieves stole 93 pounds of mayonnaise from a warehouse in the town of Whyalia.


 FLORIDA: We read that a Lakeland man should be given credit for being efficient. Why?  Aaron Weber, 38, was arrested for allegedly stealing a tow truck which he then used to steal other vehicles!

          WHAT A NINNY!


TEXAS: Cynthia Creed, 51, had just been dismissed from jury duty in Houston when she texted a co-worker: “Call the courthouse.  Tell them there is a bomb.” Then, 15 minutes later she texted, “Just kidding.” However, the co-worker had already called the police who evacuated the courthouse. Creed was arrested for giving a false police report.



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