Weird Criminal Law Stories # 318: Butter Cow?

IOWA: It may have been the crime of the century! A life-sized cow fashioned from butter was doused with red paint at the Iowa State fair by a group of animal rights protesters who wanted to send the message that “meat is murder.” State Fair organizers commented later, “It’s sad because the butter cow is an icon of the Iowa State Fair.

If they wanted to protest that “meat is murder,” why throw the paint on a butter cow – why not a real one at the fair. Crazy kids…

 ILLINOIS: They have passed a new anti-smoking law in this state. Come January 1, 2014, tossing a cigarette out of your car will be a misdemeanor crime until the third time you are caught. The third time you are caught doing so you will be charged with a felony.

We already have enough silly laws in this country – do we really need this one?

WISCONSIN: Matthew Bruhn, 37, found himself in “deep doo-doo,” on highway 151 in Grant County. He was talking on his cell phone and texting as he drove down the highway. Just as he finished texting he looked up, just as he slammed his rented Ford Mustang into a manure truck.

What a mess…


MINNESOTA: Gary Constans, 59, has lost his Minnesota driver’s license after being caught on the highway driving 10 to 15 mph under the 55-mph speed limit. He appealed the license revocation, but the appeals court rejected his appeal argument that he drove at those speeds to save gas and not hit animals.



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