Weird Criminal Law Stories # 319: Creepy!

MICHIGAN: Vincent Bright, 49, pleaded guilty to sneaking into a Detroit graveyard and digging up the body of his late father, Clarence Bright, with the intention of bringing him back to life. Authorities are not sure how Vincent was going to bring his father back to life, but it is reported that he was caught after family members learned of his ghoulish plan.

Such a creepy story. Leave the dead alone.


 OHIO:  Richard Damerson, 58, pleaded guilty, in Cleveland, to placing 911 calls threatening to kill police. The judge in the case gave Damerson a unique sentence. Damerson was made to stand outside the courthouse wearing a sign that read: “I apologize to Officer Simone & all police officers for being an idiot call 911 threatening to kill you. I’m sorry.”

Idiot, indeed!


MISSOURI:  Kansas City police recently deployed two squad cars and a motorcycle officer to ticket 26 members of a bicycle club. Each of the cyclists was issued a $100 summons. The police waited at an intersection after residents complained and pulled the bikers over after they zipped past stop signs a number of times without stopping.

What a dastardly way to raise money for Kansas City coffers. Sounds like bicyclist abuse…


MISSOURI:  A tour of an apartment by a prospective renter in Springfield revealed the place had a kitchen, two full baths, and an unexpected luxury – a working meth lab. It appears to police that the drug den had been set up by squatters who were into methamphetamine production.

The prospective renter was former chemistry teacher Walter White, from “Breaking Bad,” ha, ha, ha…


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