Weird Criminal Law Stories # 320: Visually Impaired Shooters

IOWA: We have learned that a sheriff has been giving firearms training to visually impaired residents who want gun permits.  Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington has a strong reason to do this – his 19-year-old, legally blind daughter would like to obtain her own gun permit when she turns 21.

This is about the most dangerous foolishness I’ve heard of in a long time!


IOWA: A homeowner has been beset by a burglar who broke into his home on three occasions and set a case of paper towels on fire on his stove. The home sustained some damage to the kitchen, and police have no suspects.

Were the paper towels Bounty or Brawny brand? It’s obvious that the burglar was trying send the homeowner some type of message…


ILLINOIS: They have passed a new anti-smoking law in this state. Come January 1, 2014, tossing a cigarette out of your car will be a misdemeanor crime until the third time you are caught. The third time you are caught doing so you will be charged with a felony.

We already have enough silly laws in this country – do we really need this one?


ILLINOIS: A Chicago lady is suing a restaurant after its 300-pound, former football player door greeter gave her such a bear hug that one of her breast implants broke. We have learned that he is suing for damages of $50,000, for pain suffering and popping.

Sounds mighty painful… that greeter needs a big bust in the mouth.



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