Weird Criminal Law Stories # 323: Sex in a Taxi?

CHINA: We learn that traffic mayhem erupted recently in Shanghai, when dozens of drivers starting swerving close to a taxi in which the passengers were having sex.  Several cars clipped each other, but not serious injuries were report. Hey, you two…Get a garage!   SWEDEN: A driver from Malmo, with $4.5 million dollars in unpaid parking tickets has been crowned the nation’s number 1 scofflaw. Yet, the circumstances appear suspicious. The unidentified man hasn’t had a driver’s license for three years and he is the registered owner of more than 2,000 cars. Come on! You know this guy must be the owner of a fleet of taxis.  Who need 2,000 cars?


  JAPAN: A Japanese man racked up nearly  a thousand dollars’ worth of damage to a super market when he went on a poking and squeezing rampage, in which he flattened bread, broke boxes and ruined fruit. He told police, as they were arresting him, that the store’s staff had been rude to him. A Japanese Knucklehead!  

CANADA: Two “dopes” in Halifax, Nova Scotia were arrested after police stopped their car and found the front and back seats filled with green, growing marijuana buds.  A third passenger was found in the trunk, where police said he was riding to make room for more plants. Were they “dopes” or dopers?  Pretty much the same thing…

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