Weird Criminal Law Stories # 322: Sugar Babies?

MICHIGAN:  This one comes from Detroit which is going through bankruptcy.  It has been reported that more than 200 of its public school teachers are moonlighting as “sugar babies” to make up for wage cuts or the loss of jobs. The report is derived from a website that matches up young women with “sugar daddies.” The site reports that the average teacher can get up to $3,000 a month in return for providing companionship and pampering to an older man.

Is sex expected by the older men? If so, this sounds like prostitution…

 NORTH CAROLINA: Ayana Kenyatta Taylor, 21, did not go quietly after she attacked North Carolina police with scissors and had to be Tasered. Taylor, of Union City, New Jersey, managed to get into and drive off in a Fayetteville police cruiser and crashed into several other cars. Police did not reveal a motive for her conduct, but Police Chief Harold Medlock said: “it’s not against the law for people to be mentally ill.”


SOUTH CAROLINA: A couple was arrested for allegedly having sex in a display shed at a North Charleston Home Depot store. Emily Craig, 20, and Shaun Bowden, 31, were both charged with disorderly conduct and Bowden received an added indecent exposure rap when police found him with his pants down.

You love birds should have gotten a room, but not one at Home Depot!

CALIFORNIA: A San Diego law student who got angry after being forced to retake a class he failed has done what he is training to do – he sued the school. Jackson Millikan has taken the Thomas Jefferson School Law to court after he came back from summer break and was surprised to learn he was re-enrolled in the course he had failed.

Millikan, save your money!  You are not going to win this silly lawsuit…

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