Weird Criminal Law Stories # 321: Nose Biting & Police Car Stealing in Illinois

ILLINOIS: A woman in Chicago bit off her cousin’s nose during a brawl at a family get together.  The relative was hosting the affair when Damike Robinson, 39, flew into a rage and began biting her face, ultimately biting off her nose.

This is worse than Mike Tyson biting part of the ear of Evander Holyfield!


ILLINOIS: Marquette Fisher, 42, was arrested in Chicago for driving without a license. Police handcuffed him with his hands in front of him, and placed him in the back of a police cruiser which had the keys in the ignition. When police turned their backs for a moment, Fisher allegedly jumped into the front seat of the cruiser and took off. It took several hours for police to catch him. But he was caught and arrested again for grand theft auto.

What a mental midget…


  MICHIGAN: In Pontiac a man was desperate to save his house. It was going to be torn down by the city. So, the man switched house number plates with that of his neighbor. The wrecking crew then knocked down the wrong house. A number of people in the neighborhood were actually happy to see the wrong house demolished – it was badly run down.

Bet the neighbor was not happy about the mistake…


MICHIGAN: Police in the Detroit are on the lookout for a bandit that newspapers  are calling the “Silver Surfer,” a burglar who performs his burglaries wearing a silver spandex body suit. In one burglary the suspect was caught on surveillance video looking like the Marvel Comics character without his surfboard.

However, the burglar has no pockets in which to conceal stolen items…


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