Weird Criminal Law Stories # 406: Busted Rubber??

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Remember this is the Live Free or Die State! This action doesn’t sound like living free! We learn that this state has recently recalled 500 books of cocktail recipes that the state had printed and distributed to state-run liquor stores. Why? A state Liquor Commission spokesperson said the guides should have been vetted more closely to omit drink names including “Stripper Mom,” “Busted Rubber” and “Panty Dropper.”


NEVADA: Her attorney says she will fight the charges! I say there’s not a chance she’ll win. Last year a Vegas pet shop owner who prosecutors contend was seen on security cameras torching her store with 27 puppies inside was handcuffed and taken to jail. The judge in the case set her bail at $250,000 which made her stay in jail for quite some time before trial. Animal rights activist protested the bail set for Hye Lee and a new judge in the case raised the bail to $310,000. Although Lee has been charged with felony burglary and arson charges, fire fighters were able to rescue all the pups that were not harmed.

NEW MEXICO: Caught sleeping, he was really taken for a ride. An Albuquerque ambulance employee was grabbing a bit of sleep in the back of his vehicle at 3 am when a coupled hopped in and sped off, police report. The thieving duo slowed down the ambulance just enough for the employee to hop out and then led police on a chase all over town. Police used spike strips to puncture the tires and capture the bandits.


IDAHO: Hey, let’s get together after school at 4:20 to …  State authorities have just replaced a mile marker on one of Idaho’s highways that read: 420. The number is, of course, loved by pot smokers, who had been stealing them almost as fast as the stolen signs could be replaced. The new sign reads: mile 419.9.


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