Weird Criminal Law Stories# 655: They Stink…

ITALY: The headline read, “They stink? We learn that robbers pulled off a heist by crawling through a sewer system into a bank that was connected to a manhole. Two thieves walked into Credit Agricole in Milan and pointed guns at workers, while another two bandits popped up through the manhole. In all, they grabbed 20 safe-deposit boxes and fled back through the manhole, according to police who lost them in the underground tunnels. PHEW!

NEBRASKA: Hot Tub Hi Jinks? A man was issued a citation from police for taking a hot tub dip in his own back yard. It appears that trouble bubbled up after a child next door saw the 43-year-old  Omaha man taking a relaxing soak in in the buff. Her mon then shot footage of him climbing out of the tub and stretching. The man, charged with indecent exposure, said he plans to fight the charges.

PHILIPINES: Deadly rooster gash kill. A police chief was killed by a rooster in a freak accident during a raid to break up an illegal cockfight – when the fighting bird’s blade cut an artery in his leg, officials said. Lt. Christian Bolok, chief of the San Jose police force bled to death in Madugang village after the razor-sharp blade called a gaff, sliced his femoral artery. He had been trying to confiscate the roosters, but the problem was the rooster’s blade may have been laced with poison.

JAPAN: The headline read, “They are coppers, not coughers.” We learn that police in Japan had to have their temperatures checked and observe social distancing recently while conducting a raid in a Tokyo building. The 100 officers also walked single-file to help with social-distancing, according to a news report.

JAPAN: Bad apple crooks…. Recently thieves raided an orchard and made off with nearly $12,000 worth of high-end apples police said. They drove a small truck onto the farm in the Iwate Prefecture, plucked 6,000 Shinano Golds from 70 trees and went on the lam. No arrest have been made.

MEXICO: Legal recognition for marijuana coming soon… We learn that this country may soon become the world’s largest legal weed market. The country known for its long-running and violent drug wars is working on laws that would legalize marijuana two years after their Supreme Court decreed that recreational use should be permitted.

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