Weird Criminal Stories # 654: Bald Faced Lie

INDIA: Bald-faced lie? We learn that a 27-year-old woman in Mumbai has filed a breach of trust claim in court against her new husband, contending she was shocked to learn he was bald. The woman who wed her 29-year-old husband in November 2020, in an arranged marriage, said she would have rejected the agreement had she known her spouse wore a wig. Her in-laws have assured her it was a minor issue for a marriage.

GEORGIA: A woman was arrested recently after she allegedly told workers at a Chick-fil-A that she was an FBI and should get free food. Port Kimberly Ragsdale. Unfortunately, the stunt didn’t work on employees at the chick restaurant, who called 911. When officers arrived Ms., Ragsdale continued to profess that she worked for the FBI. She was arrested for impersonating a public peace officer.

GERMANY: Robotic lawnmower thief is “cut short.” Police said a homeowner near Berlin received a mobile-phone alert that her new lawnmower  was sending her electronic cries for help.  It appears that a thief attempted to steal the mower, but the gizmo’s electronic alert indicated that her machine had tumbled over led police to catch the would-be thief in the act. We have no information whether the machine was damaged in the attempted bot-napping.

INDIA: Sucker doctor, maybe?  A doctor was conned  into buying a “magical” genie-style lamp for $335,000, police report. Two men claiming to be sorcerers in the city of Meerut allegedly duped Dr. Kaeek Khan into believing the piece, which they called “Aladdin’s lamp,” would grant him his wishes. Police said he planned to use it to become a billionaire. The two con men are now on the lam.

IDAHO: Strange place for cooking chicken… A man was banned from Yellowstone National Park for trying to cook chicken in a geothermal hot spring. The lame brain cook was spotted by park visitors hauling cooking pots to the steaming pool, which has boiling hot water. They reported him to rangers who fined the man $1,200 for trespassing.

ITALY: The headline read, “He wasn’t caught red-handed.” Nevertheless, the police have a suspect in the theft of Pope John Paul II’s blood. Police have identified a 49-year-old man they believe stole a vial of the pontiff’s blood from a cathedral in the Umbria region in September 2020. The gold and crystal relic, which was stolen from  an altar in the church, has yet to have been found.

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