Weird Criminal Law Stories # 348: Practice Makes Perfect

February 25th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

SPAIN: A Spanish pianist is facing a possible seven year in prison after she was charged with causing “psychic injury” to a neighbor by practicing for eight hours a day.  Prosecutors are also seeking to get Lisa Marin banned from playing professionally for four years. Sounds like overkill!   CZECH

REPUBLIC: Petr Svacha, 26, is facing a possible year in jail after using a chainsaw to slice his way back into a restaurant in the town of Zlin after closing time. Svacha just wanted to finish eating his pudding. Waiters at the restaurant had kicked Svacha out midway through his dessert because the restaurant was closing for the night.…Must have been some really good pudding.   BRAZIL:Do they really want convicts to have knitting needles?  Prisoners in Brazil have a new way to win early release – knitting.

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 347: Big Bust?

February 18th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

NEW YORK CITY: Police need a big bust! It has been reported that the NYPD is on the lookout for a 19- year-old who stole a credit card and a driver’s license and used them to obtain breast enlargement surgery. The young woman filled out paperwork for the surgery using a fake ID and  received the surgery. She then paid for the procedure, $7,500, with a bogus credit card. Since leaving the surgery center she has not been seen.


UTAH: A family in Salt Lake City actually helped out a burglar they found in their home. Pablo Solorio told police he found the burglar had gotten into his house after breaking through a window at 6 am.  The intruder had badly cut his arm on the broken glass, so Solorio and his wife rendered first aid as they waited for an ambulance and the police to arrive.


COLORADO: Such a dimwit. A man was arrested in Lakewood for allegedly breaking into homes while wearing a GPS ankle monitor.

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 346: Crazy Old Coot!

February 11th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

FLORIDA: There’s no coot like an old coot. An 80-year-old man wearing lipstick was arrested in Ocala  for allegedly swiping a woman’s purse. Security guards saw the man, who wore blush and bright red lipstick but no wig, tearing price tags off items and stashing them into a purse which he had not paid for. The man tried to get away without paying – yet, he had $800 in his wallet.

SWEDEN: How ridiculous! Authorities in Sweden are insisting that a hotel install smoke detectors, even though it is made completely of ice.

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 345: Flush…

February 4th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

BANGLADESH: A royal flush! An aircraft cleaning crew found $41.9 million in gold bars in a toilet aboard a jet in Bangladesh. Authorities surmise that the owner became worried that he would be caught smuggling and tried to flush the gold.


 MISSOURI: A Missouri appeals court has ruled that former Kansas resident Toby Gettler, who now lives in the neighboring state of Missouri, can keep the license plate “MZU SUX.” AW SHUX!


 NORWAY: A hunter while trying to bag a moose fired an errant shot that pierced the wall of a cabin and struck a man sitting on his toilet.

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 344: Defend Yourself!

January 28th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

FLORIDA: So humane….A bandit carjacked a woman in a dangerous crime-ridden section of Orlando, but he didn’t want to leave her defenseless in that part of town. So, he handed her a box cutter to defend herself from other possible criminals. He then said, “take care of yourself” and drove away in her Honda vehicle.


FLORIDA:  No good deed goes unpunished. A Fort Lauderdale woman was arrested for calling 911 to report a bunch of drunken people