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Weird Criminal Law Stories # 461: Face Eating Psycho…

FLORIDA: A face eating psycho…why? The mother of a Florida State University student charged with fatally stabbing couple and then biting the man’s face told police her son had been acting strangely and claimed to have superpowers but had no history of mental illness or of heavy drug use. Mrs. Mina Harrouff called Jupiter police about three hours after her son, Austin Harrouff, 19, stormed out of a restaurant following an argument with his father. She advised police that Austin had been acting strangely for a week and believed he had superpowers and that he contended he was on earth to “protect people.”  Nevertheless, it was learned later that 45 minutes after he left the restaurant Austin was arrested after
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Weird Criminal Law Stories # 460: Just How Young is She, Anyhow?

UNITED KINGDOM: Just how young does this filly look? Inquiring minds would like to know… A British man says he is forced to carry ID for his 32-year-old girlfriend because she looks so young that people accuse him of pedophilia. Shakey Finks, 42, maintains that his life has become unbearable as people have wrongly accused him of molesting children. AUSTRALIA: No FWD – no frying while driving! Police in the city of Adelaide, spotted a strange-looking Mazda and pulled it over to find its steering wheel had been replaced with a frying pan. Police impounded the car after they discovered that the 32-year-old driver was uninsured. NEW YORK CITY: Screwed by his brothers, or just screwed? A Harlem man accused
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Weird Criminal Law Stories # 459: Of the Cross but not on the Cross

OKLAHOMA: Strange story – death by the cross but not on the cross!! An Oklahoma City woman accused of killing her daughter by forcing a crucifix down her throat told police that she believed the 33-year-old victim had been possessed by the devil. Police had gone to the suspect’s home in late August and found Geneva Gomez dead on the ground with a crucifix placed on her chest. Mom, Juanita Gomez, 49, faces a first degree murder charge and is being held without bond.   PENNSYLVANIA: Wouldn’t this behavior been more appropriate for the wedding night? The co-owner of One Enchanted Evening, a bridal shop in the town of Zelienople allegedly stripped and stood naked in the display window. Police
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Weird Criminal Law Stories # 458: Law Enforcement Terrorist?

WASHINGTON, D.C.: First law-enforcement officer to be charged under federal terrorism law. A veteran Metro Transit Police Officer was arrested in August, 2016, with the first ever federal terrorism charges against a law-enforcement officer in the U.S. after he allegedly tried to help ISIS, officials said. It appears that Nicholas young, 36, of Fairfax, Virginia, was arrested at Metro’s headquarters and charged with a single count of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist group. He was caught in a sting buying $250 worth of gift-cards codes for the extremists to use for mobile-messaging apps that could help them evade authorities while communicating with each other. Young was arrested after he gave the codes to an undercover FBI agent.
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Weird Criminal Law Stories # 457: Crying foul at the day care center

PENNSYLVANIA: Crying foul at the day care center! It has come to our attention that a day-care worker in this state is facing criminal charges for allegedly coaxing 3- and 4-year-old children to use obscenities – and taking videos of them doing so. Ray Gyles, 24, of Allentown, was officially charged in November with a misdemeanor count of corruption of minors. Gyles was a bus monitor at Creative Minds Daycare Academy in Allentown. District Attorney Jim Martin said Gyles had six children direct obscenities toward another child.  An official report on the matter reveals that she made videos of them and sent one of them to a friend, who called police. The video made its way onto Facebook and has
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Weird Criminal law Stories # 456: Kamikaze Squirrel?

ILLINOIS: The headline read: “The revenge of the Kamikaze Squirrel.” A Chicago City Alderman was seriously injured when a squirrel darted into his bicycle—and now wonders whether the suicide might have been an act of rodent revenge. Just a few weeks earlier, Alderman Howard Brookins put Chicago’s squirrel community on notice at a city council meeting where he reported his colleagues that he “was sick of aggressive squirrels ravaging garbage cans and costing taxpayers millions of dollars.” He went to contend to the council that the city was “spending too much money on replacing garbage cans because squirrels continue to eat through them. This was in October, 2016. Three weeks later Brookins was biking along the Cal-Sag bike Trail when
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P15-(2)Professor Birdsong received his J.D. from the Harvard Law School and his B.A. from Howard University. He teaches law in Orlando, Florida. After graduation from law school he worked several years with a large law firm. He then entered into a varied and distinguished career in government service. First serving as a diplomat with the State Department with various postings in Nigeria, Germany and the Bahamas. Professor Birdsong later served as a federal prosecutor. After leaving government service, Professor Birdsong was in private law practice. He has done on-air radio and TV legal analysis work for Fox News, CNN, Court TV and BET TV News. Currently, Professor Birdsong is occasionally invited to appear as a legal commentator on Fox Radio News, CBS Radio and MSNBC.

Aside from writing scholarly papers on law and humor books on criminal law, Professor Birdsong loves to play piano, cycle, swim and every other year, he enjoys walking the streets of Paris with his lovely wife.

Although he has been involved in serious criminal law work over the years as a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and a law professor, Professor Birdsong knows that it is good to stayed grounded. This means often taking time to look at the many funny and weird criminal law stories that crop up around the United States and the world. He believes we should not always take criminal law so seriously and instead, just have a good laugh at some of the silly foibles of dumb criminals and their crimes. That is why several years ago he began to collect and edit from the wire services and news the type of weird and funny criminal law stories that appear in this volume.

Professor Birdsong hopes that you will get a few good laughs or at least, some chuckles from his collection of weird criminal law stories and his “snarky” commentary accompanying each of them.

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