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October 22nd, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

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Weird Criminal Law Stories # 330: Fork in the Road?

October 22nd, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

GEORGIA: We learn that police in Statesboro have found the town’s beloved “fork in the road.” The 7-foot-tall, 150 pound steel sculpture had stood as a bolted down landmark for a local business whose owner would direct customers to “look for the fork in the road.” The fork was found leaning on a telephone pole outside of town.

I don’t give fine tine!


MICHIGAN: A female custodian at Campus Elementary School in Grand Rapids was fired for allegedly offering to pay two fourth graders $1 each to beat up another student. The targeted student had allegedly made disparaging remarks about the custodian.

Grade school fight club….


OKLAHOMA: A burglar was arrested by police in Oklahoma City after he stopped to take a dump in the

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 329: GONG!

October 15th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

RHODE ISLAND: A Narragansett husband said that the 700 gongs he hears each week from the St. Thomas More Catholic Church across the street from his house made him irritable and led to arguments that doomed his marriage. John Devaney, 64, filed a federal lawsuit against Pope Francis and others, and is challenging a town anti-noise ordinance that exempts religious institutions.

I’ll just bet Pope Francis is quaking in his boots over this kind of lawsuit….


LOUISIANA: Police report that a drunken man rode his horse into the western-themed Louisiana saloon called “Cowboys” and acted like a movie villain. He actually lassoed a patron and dragged him through the parking lot. The 26-year-old buckaroo was soon arrested at his mother’s home where he lives with his mom.

Sounds like the mamma’s boy needed to let off a little steam…


NEW YORK CITY:  An ex-marine who plotted to behead federal Judge Joseph Bianco and a prosecutor – to avenge

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 328:Mary Jane?

October 8th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

VERMONT:  William Reynolds, 73, was given a $200 ticket by St. Johnsbury police who seized a 2 ½-foot-tall marijuana plant from his apartment.  Reynolds maintained he found seeds and grew them without knowing he had planted marijuana. Police acknowledge that Reynolds had no other plants and that there was no evidence he was a marijuana user.

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