Weird Criminal Law # 338: Sex with a Pool Float!

December 17th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

OHIO: Love makes him do foolish things! They say he was looking for love in all the wrong places, but, maybe he just has a rubber fetish. Edwin Charles Tobergta pleaded guilty to public indecency for having sex with a rubber pool float in front of several children. He was sentenced to eleven months in jail. Tobergta of Hamilton had been previously charged with having sex with an inflatable pumpkin and with a pool raft.


TEXAS: MTD – Much too dumb! A thief was arrested in Houston after he tried to steal the hubcaps from a Cadilllac parked outside a restaurant where sheriff’s deputies were hosting a retirement party. After one of the deputies spotted the crime in progress the suspect was confronted by 30 law enforcement officials and promptly arrested. D’Oh!


OHIO:  When a female Arby’s employee in East Lampeter Township was groped by a drive through customer, she

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 337: Shrub!

December 10th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

CANADA: This story sounds flaccid. A 10 foot tall waterfront bush was mysteriously trimmed down into a penis shaped shrub, to the embarrassment of Windsor, Ontario, officials who had not noticed the bush until TV news crews pointed it out.


KANSAS: QED! We learn that police in Wichita, had hoped that paring a trailer-mounted radar gun in plain sight along a road notorious for reckless driving would make drivers slow down. Wrong. A few hours after moving the radar gun into place a driver going far beyond the speed limit rammed into the trailer destroying the $3,000 radar gun.


COLORDO:  Authorities think the crook may have been an organ grinder. After arranging to buy a pet capuchin monkey

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 336: Urine & Hand Sanitizer

December 3rd, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

PENNSYLVANIA:  A Youngwood resident, Lori Lynn Sullenberger, 37, was arrested for allegedly trying to sneak a urine sample, hidden in a bottle of hand sanitizer, into court. She had been ordered to give a sample as part of an ongoing custody matter. A probation officer spotted her with the urine before she was able to switch samples.


NEW HAMPSHIRE: “Live free or die.” That is the state motto and it is emblazoned on every license plate of every car registered in New Hampshire. However, recently a court has upheld the state’s rejection of a driver’s application for vanity plates spelling out “COPS LIE.”


CONNECTICUT: A Philly man who police maintain “slithered” along movie theater floors to steal credit cards from women’s purses

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 335: Frankencat?

November 26th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

POLAND: It was not alive! It has been reported that a disturbed Warsaw woman has been taken into custody for allegedly trying to create a Frankencat. Police raided her home and found live cats and dogs and the corpses of hundreds of pets, many of which had been cut up and crudely recombined. The home was filled with stench. The woman told police she was trying to make an ‘undead” feline.

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 334:Friended

November 19th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

TENNESSEE: A murder conviction was overturned and a new trial ordered when it was revealed that one of the jurors “friended” one of the expert witnesses on Facebook and sent a message complimenting her testimony. This online error helped accused murderer, William Smith, get a new trial.



IDAHO: James “Jimmy” Brown a city councilman from Spirit Lake, was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a woman during an angry confrontation with her husband, authorities report. Councilman Brown and the man were arguing outside of a tavern when the lawmaker allegedly displayed his genitals and shouted, “This is what a real man looks like!”

Exposing himself like that was not much of a political platform!


TEXAS: Jailers have issued new charges against inmate Paul Reyes, 32, for allegedly possessing a contraband