Weird Criminal Law Stories # 355: Stories From Abroad

April 15th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

FRANCE:  Trifecta of mayhem? A soldier in the northern city of Caen maimed three of his fellow soldiers after his live “souvenir” anti-tank rocket fell from his wall. The weapon exploded, and one soldier lost his legs, the second lost a testicle and the third lost his hearing.


JAPAN: Meow! A man on a yearlong burglary spree stole nearly $180,000 in cash and valuables to feed his 120 cats a gourmet diet, according to police.  Mamoru Demizu, 48, of Izumi City is suspected of breaking into houses 32 times to provide the $250-a-day cat feast.


JAPAN: What a “pisser.”A rail commuter was fined $12,000 after investigators concluded that he had been urinating in the Chihaya train station elevator

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 354:Pay with your Gator!

April 8th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

FLORIDA: Gators aren’t legal currency! Fernando Aguilera was arrested after he went into a Miami convenience store and tried to trade a live 4-foot alligator for a 12 pack of beer. The clerk called police and Aguilera was charged with violating Florida wildlife laws.


NEW YORK CITY: Inquiring minds would like to know how? A teenage girl found carrying a dead fetus in a shopping bag at a Manhattan lingerie store is headed for trial, on a shoplifting charge.

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 353: Mowed Down…

April 1st, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

FLORIDA: Here’s a weird and tragic story from DeLand. Marlon Brown, 38, was pulled over by police for not wearing his seat-belt. Dash-cam video from the police car showed that Brown got out his car and began to run.  The police officer gave chase in his police cruiser and ran over and killed Brown. The manner of death was ruled an accident, however, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Medical Examiners Commission has called the autopsy report into question. Although a grand jury did not indict Officer James Harris of any wrongdoing, he was fired and settlement was reached with the Brown family who received $500,000 from the city of DeLand. Brown’s wife, Krystal contends that officer Harris should be charged with vehicular homicide.


UTAH: Oooops! The town of Wallsburg did not hold municipal elections in 2013, because

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 352: Robot Suicide?

March 25th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

AUSTRIA: Weird stuff? We  have just learned that the world’s first robot suicide has taken place in Austria. The Irobot Roomba 760 cleaned its owners’ kitchen. In November 2013, when the robot finished its kitchen chores the owners turned it off for the night. The robot restarted itself, climbed on the stove, pushed a pot out of the way and turned on the burners.  We learned, further, that no suicide note was found.


ITALY: OINK! It has been reported that a still-breathing Italian mob boss was fed to the pigs by members of a rival crime syndicate.  Francesco Raccosta was beaten with iron bars by members of the N’drangheta crime family which controls much of the southern Italian region of Calabria. They then tossed him in the pig sty where he was eaten alive. The murder was allegedly carried out by mob boss Simone Pepe, 24, who admitting to the killing and three other murders. Raccosta had been missing for more than a year when authorities arrested Pepe and gained his confession.  A police spokesman said the bloody feuds between the rival crime clans had been ongoing since the 1950’s.


WISCONSIN: A church elder was arrested for allegedly stealing four cases of hand bells meant for his church.

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 351:Butt-Dial?

March 18th, 2015 by Leonard Birdsong

ARKANSAS: Can you hear me now? A would be murder plot unravelled when one of the suspected coconspirators sat on his phone and butt-dialed the target, who heard details of the planned job and went to the cops. James Macom, 33, overheard his former employer, Larry Barnett, 68, telling a suspected hit man to make the killing look like an accident. Barnett was soon arrested by officers of the Jonesboro Police Department.


COLORADO: Irony? A woman stole a traveler’s suitcase at the Denver International Airport – just a few feet away from an airport official was giving a TV interview about how bags were rarely stolen in the airport. “It doesn’t happen often,” airport spokeswoman Stacy Stegman told a CBS camera crew the day before Thanksgiving, 2013. At the same time a thief in the same terminal had swiped and looted a bag before dumping it nearby.

NEW YORK CITY: How rude! A Brooklyn mother scared away a burglar who tried to break into her bathroom while she was potty-training her 3-year-old daughter. Araceli Coello, 29, was with her baby daughter, Allison, on a