Weird Criminal Law Stories # 334:Friended

November 19th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

TENNESSEE: A murder conviction was overturned and a new trial ordered when it was revealed that one of the jurors “friended” one of the expert witnesses on Facebook and sent a message complimenting her testimony. This online error helped accused murderer, William Smith, get a new trial.



IDAHO: James “Jimmy” Brown a city councilman from Spirit Lake, was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a woman during an angry confrontation with her husband, authorities report. Councilman Brown and the man were arguing outside of a tavern when the lawmaker allegedly displayed his genitals and shouted, “This is what a real man looks like!”

Exposing himself like that was not much of a political platform!


TEXAS: Jailers have issued new charges against inmate Paul Reyes, 32, for allegedly possessing a contraband

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 333:Department of Revenue?

November 12th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

OREGON: It was easy for authorities to discover the counterfeit $20 bills that Michael Dietrich allegedly turned out. Why? Well, they all had the same serial number. His lack of imagination was discovered by a gun dealer in the town of Keizer who spotted the duplicate 20’s. This case is even weirder because at the time of Dietrich’s arrest he was the manager of the Oregon State Department of Revenue.

Perhaps, he was not paid enough at the department of revenue.


GEORGIA: a Newton County sheriff’s deputy crossed the line and allegedly started selling marijuana out of his patrol car. Deputy Darrell Mathis allegedly told a pal that he would never be caught because he was police officer.  Unfortunately, he was wrong.  The pal went to the FBI.

There’s a song titled a policeman’s work is never done, but this policeman’s job is finished.



NEW MEXICO: A violent woman was arrested after police said she attacked her boyfriend with a boot, a tire iron

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 332: “Whizzanator?”

November 5th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong


ITALY: Italian long distance runner Devis Licciardi was accused of using a fake penis to deliver “clean” urine after a 10K race to beat doping  allegations.

We’ve heard that the fake penis is called a “whizzanator.”


INDIA: Four men were arrested for trying to smuggle $100,000 in gold into the country – in their stomachs. The men had swallowed banquet of small gold bars and coins to avoid customs.

That’s $25,000 in each of them. Wonder what would’ve happened if one of them had to take a dump?


CHINA: It appears that that there are a tremendous amount of smokers in China. How do we know? When officials

Weird Criminal Law Stories # 331:Hairy Garcia?

October 29th, 2014 by Leonard Birdsong

CALIFORNIA: A Los Angeles pornography producer has agreed to never again use Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors for the titles of their xxx-rated films, court documents revealed. After being sued a year ago Caballero Video agreed to recall and destroy films it had been distributing under titles like “Hairy Garcia,” “Boston Cream thigh,” and “peanut Butter D-Cups.

Sort of makes one not want to eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream anymore


CONNECTICUT: Campus police at Yale are hunting for a  fiendish person who they call the “poopetrator.”  The person has been wreaking havoc at the Ivy League school by defecating inside dryers in a student laundry room. His or her nasty scheme was discovered only  after victims finished drying their clothes and found them covered with “evidence.”



MASSACHUSETTS: A long time police officer is under investigation after a 2010 audition tape surfaced showing

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