Weird Criminal Law Stories 12

Birdsong has found a few weird criminal law stories involving booze and/or sex.  Take a gander.

South Dakota: A woman driving drunk picked the wrong person to ask for directions.  When she pulled over and knocked on the door of a nearby home, a sheriff’s deputy answered.  The deputy told the 37 year old woman she could not get back behind the wheel of her truck.  A wrestling match ensued.  She lost and was charged with DWI.

Of all the joints in the world why did she have to walk into his?

Iowa: A booze fueled argument between two buddies turned ugly when Donroy Merrival bit off the nose of Matthew Osring.  The flesh and cartilage were not recovered, and Osring thinks his dogs may have eaten it.


Germany: A skinny dipper in Germany who had broken into a community pool after closing hours fled from police when they tried to arrest him.  The man had a painful, prickly end to his night when he fled right into a hedge of nettles.  Police had no problem finding him.  “The cops just followed the sound of the screaming,” said a police spokesman.

Ouch! Ouch!

Kennewick, WA: A naked man was arrested in this Washington state town for allegedly masturbating while chasing a garbage truck.  John Foster says he chased the truck because he was upset that the driver had looked at him.  Foster was charged with public drunkeness

And probably not a moment too soon.

Linz, Germany: German police unleashed a manhunt for a sexual predator after residents of the town mistook the sounds of a wild badger in heat for a woman being attacked.  A police spokesman said, “We scrambled a helicopter with night vision equipment but we only found wild animals going about their business.”

Wow! Must have been some business.

Austria: An Austrian man who blew a small fortune at a casino staged a phony robbery because he was too afraid to tell his wife he had lost their money gambling.  Josef Reiner ended up in the hospital with a broken nose, jaw and arm after beating himself with an iron bar.

He would have been better off if he had just ‘fessed up.


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