Weird Criminal Law Stories 19

Birdsong  wonders whether there is an end to these weird criminal law stories? The answer seems to be to be: no! So enjoy them and get a good laugh. These stories are all true.

Englewood, NJ: Police in Englewood report that a man called 911 and reported a robbery after a gas station  atrendant wouldn’t give him his money back for an unopened box of condoms. Police charged Kadien Jackson, 21, with making a false report. Officials had responded quickly to the call on a Sunday night and found the gas station employee who fit the description of the robber given by the caller.

There was no robber or robbed in this case, only a stupid crook.

Florida: A customer at a Florida gas station walked into the bathroom and emerged minutes later shouting, “You don’t have any toilet paper!” and began pummeling the station’s owner. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the man.  Police said, “The PO’d customer hit the owner with fist and whatever else he could grab.”

No T.P. can you blame the man for going off?

Long Island, NY: An accomplished Long Island magician and photographer was recently charged with using hidden cameras to record women and girls as they changed costumes during photo shoots at his home. Robert Infantino, 50, who bills himself as Long Island’s favorite magician was charged with three counts of unlawful surveillance after cops said he taped a mother and her two daughters, ages 10 and 14 at his home on July 22, 2008.

He sounds like a naughty and perverted magician to Birdsong. What a creep!

Washington State: A Washington woman was arrested for allegedly beating up her fiancé at their prenuptial party when her son caught him making out with one of her friends. Police say the woman tackled and punched him and broke his glasses. There is no word on whether the wedding was still on.

Birdsong would say this marriage was off to a “Rocky Balboa” start.

Houston, TX: In mid August, 2008, a 35 year old Texas woman was arrested after she made her 12 year old daughter drive her to a bar outside Houston. Police spotted the obviously unlicensed girl driving erratically. She told police she had dropped off her mom who was afraid to drive drunk.

Tsk, tsk, too young to be a designated driver.

Nevada: A man trying to shake down $500 from a Pizza Hut in Nevada outed himself by sending cell phone photos of the restaurant sign he stole that showed his license plate in the background. Of course, using the license number, police were able to track down the 23 year old man and arrest him.

It appears that even idiots are finding innovative ways to use new technology.

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