Weird Criminal Law Stories 20

Birdsong continues to find those weird criminal law stories for your reading enjoyment.  Here are a few that might giver you a chuckle.

Fresno, CA: A California house burglar rubbed spices over the body of a sleeping man before using an 8 inch long sausage to slap the face of another snoozing resident.  Antonio Vasquez fled but was caught in a nearby field after police found his wallet ID in the victims’ home.  The sausage was eaten by a dog after Vasquez tossed it away.

Hmmmm…sounds mighty gay…

Bonita Springs, FL: There’s a bra bandit on the loose.  The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is searching for an individual they say stole 160 bras valued at nearly $6,000 from a Victoria’s Secret store, the latest in a string of bra burglaries in the area. Between February and October, 2008, authorities report that 452 bras valued at nearly $19,000 have been stolen from two of the chain’s Southwest Florida locations.

Could this be some kind of weird fetish or do they really need the support?

Washington: A Washington State man was sentenced to 12 years in prison after admitting he lured his wife into putting her neck into a noose by telling her he had set up a Halloween haunted house in their garage.  Sean Jennings, 36, who freed his wife after she lost consciousness told her that hanging was “better than getting a divorce,” according to police.

Yep, attempted murder for sure! It might have been cheaper to keep her.

Fort Pierce, FL: Investigators say St. Lucie County firefighters who knew a paramedic took a man’s severed foot from a vehicle crash site may face disciplinary action.  Authorities said those who never reported the misconduct are being investigated.  Cindy Economon resigned after admitting she took the foot to train her cadaver dog to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh.  She told investigators she took the foot belonging to the crash victim September 19, 2008, and was storing it in her home freezer.


I-95, Central Florida: A tractor trailer carrying 3.5 million nickels overturned on a major Florida highway, spilling $185,000 in coins all over the road.  The crash forced police to shut the highway for nearly six hours as the Secret Service came to pick up all the coins.  “It’s shiny across the roadway.” Said Highway Patrol Trooper Kim Miller.  “There are nickels in the grass, across the interstate.”

We all wish for pennies from heaven…but this sounds like nickels from hell!

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