Weird Criminal Law Stories 32

Birdsong just cannot stay away from those weird criminal law stories.  They are all over the wire services and in the papers.  And, they are all true. Enjoy.

England:  A British woman says a new bra saved her life after a teen mugger tried to stab her in the chest – and the blade got caught on the underwire.  It wasn’t until she handed her clothes over to the cops that Vicky Parsons realized the underwire on the bra had taken the brunt of the blow.

Wow, that what we call a wonder bra!

Brazil: A Brazilian woman riding in a hearse with a coffin carrying her husband was killed when the vehicle was rear-ended by a speeder, propelling the coffin into her.  Marciana Silva Barcelos, 67, died instantly.  Her husband, Josi Silveria Coimbra, 76, had died of a heart attack.

Birdsong has heard this before…they were meant to be together in eternity.  Yes, yes, yes…

Germany: This conduct might violate the Geneva Convention.  A German supermarket cashier foiled an armed robbery by hurling cheese at the gunmen, driving them from the store.  The turning point came when one of the men was struck in the face by a particularly pungent hunk of gorgonzola.

Hey!  That’s some stinky stuff!

New Hampshire: The stupid criminal of the week of mid-November, 2008, was the guy who fled a sobriety checkpoint in this state after handing over his license and registration. Given that they knew the man’s name and address, cops caught up to him and found pot in his car.  He was charged with driving under the influence, drug possession and reckless conduct, for almost running over a cop.

There should have also been a charge of stupidity.

Russia: Seems as if God has been foreclosed upon. A tiny, 200 year old church in a Russian village was stolen brick by brick.  The unholy crime was discovered after a Russian Orthodox priest went to the site of the infrequently visited church and discovered it missing.  The church had not been in use for many years, but officials were considering resuming services.

Is there nothing sacred in this world anymore?

Toledo, OH: It must have been Lord of the Ring.  Thieves broke into a gym in Toledo and stole the entire boxing ring.  No one knows how they got the thing out unnoticed, but if it is not recovered, trainers say they will have to cancel upcoming bouts.  The ring has been used since the 1970’s, to train numerous local champs.

Want to bet that this was an “inside job.”

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