Weird Criminal Law Stories 33

Birdsong brings you more weird criminal law stories from around the country.  Enjoy.

Terre Haute, IN.  Three men and three women at an Indiana prison have been charged with sneaking through a hole in the ceiling to have sex with each other.  Having found a security camera blind spot, the inmates would climb into the ceiling, drink homemade hooch, play cards and do the deed.

Sounds like their own little highway to heaven, doesn’t it.

Atlanta, GA: Rico Todriquez Wright, a rap artist was sentenced to 20 years in prison after killing a man and then writing a rap song that detailed how he did it and calling the victim, Chad Blue, by name.  “Chad Blue know how I shoot,” rapped Wright in the song.  And now, so does everyone else.

Note to murderers:  If you kill someone do not, I repeat, do not write a song describing how you did it.

Kentucky: A Kentucky inmate who escaped from prison returned later that same day – and pleaded with guards to let him back in.  Chad Troy, 21, told police his family urged him to surrender because they feared for his safety.  He said he immediately regretted running out the open prison door during a work detail.  “I’m sorry about what I did,” he said.

Either Chad’s life on the outside must really suck or he figured it was easier to have sex inside the joint.

Lynchburg, VA: Bernard Wood, 33, was convicted of burglary and grand larceny in Lynchburg after prosecutors linked him to the crime scene by a greasy fingerprint.  Wood apparently ate some fried chicken during the break-in and left his prints on a juice bottle.

Yep! He’s finger-licking guilty!

Newport Beach, CA: Looks like the economy is so bad that even thieves are flocking to religion.  At least, sort of. Crooks stole a5-foot bronze statute of the Virgin Mary from a Newport Beach church, apparently to sell it as scrap.  The statute was worth an estimated $30,000.

Shame, Shame, Shame.  There is no shame left in this world when thieves steal a statute of the Virgin.

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