Krystal Birdsong's Writing 8

As many of you know Birdsong’s youngest child, Krystal, passed away last September.  The family has been heartbroken at her untimely demise.  However, we have discovered some of her journals where she kept her poems, musings, and other writings.  I enjoy sharing her writings with a wider world.  Here are a couple of poems we found.


Tree wind air sick love birds dust dirt flinging clearing soothing warm wishful teary-eyed waiting loathing

leather woven feels good positive light not heavy feathers boyfriend stopped being head orange full faking sabotage 20 minutes lame-lamo coffee Starbucks Hell heaven angels

Mother black evil don’t hold back revile, despair, stress real living breathing relaxing to feel “just free fallin’ ” earth fire planet trees green chipmunkettes not yet misery WAITING sleepy proud humble esteem less listless restless tired tattoos burning fire kitty-cat neglect complete understanding wonderful spiritual breathing leaving want-to stop

Can’t breathe blinking I.Q “lord of champions” worse narcissus fragrances tout childhood grill goodnight!

Krystal Birdsong  6/10/02


Something gets stuck and jams the gears.

Then my heart beats as would a primitive wanderer’s in the dead of winter with the gears locked pressure builds up in the main chamber and does nothing but hinder the process of mending.

Only if volition is behind its resolve will the Great sick Machine function as a soldier a nation, a fortune, healer.

Krystal Birdsong  6/10/02

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