Krystal Birdsong's Writings 9

Birdsong is proud that his daughter Krystal was  such a very good writer during the short time she stayed with us here on earth.  Our family misses her so!  Nevertheless, in going through her effects after her passing we have come upon her journals where she wrote her poems and songs.  Krystal never shared these writings with her family, but now that I have found them Birdsong would like to share them with a wider world.  The following work is labeled as a dream.


Samuel L. Jackson was a dog (black lab) who could talk to me.  The dog also turned into a woman — perhaps an angel of some sort.  She told me (in a previous dream) that I could fly if I had faith in God and said I loved him and believed in him.

So I went to a convenience store and picked up various items and flew out of the store several times.  Then Jason showed up and he didn’t believe in the dog/woman/ Samuel L. Jackson/or in flying, but I proved it to him and he was amazed.

(God giving me a message telling me that I could do anything in life.  He sent an angel to me!)

Krystal Birdsong 5/27/00


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