Weird Criminal Law Stories 46

Birdsong presents more of those weird criminal law stories from around the world that he loves so much.

Florida:  One wasn’t enough! A 51 year old man was busted in a Florida parking lot engaged in a sexul romp with several blow-up sex dolls in the back seat of his car, in broad daylight.  Stunned parents covered their kid’s eyes until someone called police.

Plastic orgy maybe…………?

Iowa City, IA: Perhaps, this was the best time to have had one more for the road.  An Iowa City youth showed up dead drunk at a hearing — to be sentenced for public intoxication.  After court officers smelled alcohol on the 19 year-old’s breath, they gave him a blood-alcohol test, which he failed.  He faces additional charges since he is not old enough to legally drink.

Hic !

Beijing, China: A 99 year-old Chinese man is on trial in Beijing for allegedly swindling an Americn out of more than $10,000. The swindler used the oldest trick in the book, claiming to have access to frozen assets of the former nationalist government that were held in the United States which he could make available to his mark if given a bank account number.

Bernie Madoff, can you believe that he fell for that one ?

Baltimore, MD: A Maryland man, his wife and his son allegedly took turns trying to stab cops who were breaking up a fight among them.  First, the son attacked the officers, and when he was subdued, the father took a run at them, police said.  When they had subdued him, the wife grabbed the knife and allegedly took another stab.  It was reported that none of the police were hurt.

It’s a family affair…it’s a family affair…..

Snellville, GA: The mayor of a this Georgia town has gotten into so many screaming fights with a city councilman that he has the chief of police escort him to the bathroom at city hall.  Councilman Robert Jenkins says Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer need only “fear me as a political opponent.”

Yep, this  situation does put the loo in lunacy!

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