Weird Criminal Law Stories 47

Birdsong continues to bring you those  weird criminal law stories.  here are a few more.

 Brazil:  Two German tourists were arrested in Brazil after stripping naked and changing clothes in an airport terminal.  They told police they thought this was “was normal,” since it was Brazil.  Cops were not amused and asked them to leave the country.

The police PNG’ed them, that is made them Persona Non Gratis.

China: A Chinese thief was cornered in an alley by cops, and mooned them.  Although the cops were taken aback, it didn’t stop them from nabbing him.  He later said he thought his pursuers would be embarrassed and cover their eyes allowing him to escape.

Didn’t work…the cops did not come down with  moon fever.

Warsaw, Poland: A young man in Warsaw tried to turn in  his mother for psychological torture — after she told him to clean up his room.  Police said Lukasz Zapalowski, 22, called cops to rat out his mother — who had merely told him to take a bath once a week, clean up his room and try to help her with the rent.  Police said they may book him for wasting their time.


Atlantic City, NJ: A Jersey couple wanted nothing to do with the slot machines at their Atlantic City hotel/casino — because they made a mint ripping off its Coke machines, police said.  Video surveillance from the Taj Mahal Casino Resort  shows Philip Silvers, 28 and Crystal Studstill, 26, using a master key to swipe $15,000 from 60 vending machines on the hotel’s floors, police said.

..and we thought things went better with Coke.

California: A seriously injured motorist who survived a crash where his car rolled 200 feet down a ravine in California managed to scramble back upo to the road looking for help, only to be struck and killed by a passing vehicle.  Police responding to the scene were unaware of the original accident until the victim’s passenger also climbed up.  The hit and run driver has not been found.

Out of frying pan and into the fire.  Oh boo hoo….

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