The Associate Dean Moves In…

Birdsong assumed his duties as Associate Dean of  the Barry Law School on Wednesday, April 1, 2009.  However, he  was not able to move into the Administration Building where the Dean wants him because administrative staff in certain offices had to be moved around to provide an office for Birdsong.  Of course there was a round of musical office moves.  Then the offices had to be painted and the carpets shampooed.

Long story short …Birdsong got moved in yesterday, April 7, 2009.  Moving is always challenging and yesterday was no exception.  To start, Mike P, our facilities manager was off for the week while his children were on spring break.  This means Birdsong had to obtain approval for the CFO to hire a couple of day laborers to do the move.  Request granted!

The day laborers packed up my office and started moving me from the Faculty Building to the Administration Building.  Once they had moved half of my furniture and belongings we learned that  a delivery truck with furniture for the Admissions office had just arrived and they needed the day laborers to help unload it for Admissions.  Problem is the furniture was being delivered a week early!

Bottom line… Birdsong had to wait an hour for the Admission furniture to be delivered and set up before his move to his new office could be completed.  Once the move was completed Birdsong worked to unpack his boxes and put things  back on the book shelves.  Suddenly it was 5:45 pm!  Birdsong realized he had to teach white collar crime at 6 pm.

What a day….but Birdsong is now in his new office in the Admin Building…just where the Dean wants him.

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