Weird Criminal Law Stories 48

Where do the people in these weird criminal law stories come from?  Perhaps, from another planet.  Read these.

Barnstable, MA:   A man walked into a police station asking for help getting out of a pair of handcuffs was arrested after cops realized he had several outstanding warrants.  The man claimed his sister had put the cuffs on him at a children’s birthday party.  Of course, they removed the cuffs,  arressted him and slipped on another set.


Ohio: Police say an Ohio teen ordered more than $37,000 worth  of candy from an online store and tried to bill it to his former high school.  Company officials grew suspicious and called police, who told them to send an empty box.  When the teen took delivery, he was arrested.

He won’t be able to sugar coat this crime.

Chicago, IL: A man dressed in a purple suit, purple shoes, purple fedora and full-length fur coat was pulled over in his purple 1988 Cadillac and charged for the 14th time with driving with a suspended license.  This came minutes after a judge warned him not to drive his car before beginning a 10-day jail sentence for such offenses.

He sounds like the “Joker”….or a pimp!

Colorado: A man armed with a “Star Trek” Klingon-type sword robbed two Colorado convenience stores within half  an hour of each other.  The thief ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash after brandishing the so-called “bat’leth.”

Boy, a thief and a geek.

Cleveland, OH:  A 20 year old man was arrested after negotiating a heroin sale on the street — while on the phone with a 911 operator to report that two people with guns were watching him.  “What you need? A 10-pack? A 10-pack, all right,” said the man to the drug buyer, in a conversation overheard by the operator who notified the police.

Senor Stupido!

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