Birdsong Gets Smaller Offices With Each Promotion

Birdsong is sitting in his new Associate Dean Office wondering about  ” inverse ratios.”  It has struck him that with each new promotion he has received since coming to  Barry Law he gets a smaller office!

Birdsong arrived in July 1998, when the Law School was pretty new.  Not a lot of professors.  Birdsong started out as an assistant professor.  He was given a large office with, not one, but two large windows which overlooked the driveway entrance to the school.  Sweet!

Birdsong was promoted to associate professor in 2001.  His old office was taken from him and used to make more classroom space.  His new office was half the size of the first office but had a single window that looked out on the school’s quadrangle.  Nice!

In 2005, Birdsong received tenure and was invited to be a visiting professor at Wake  Forest Law School.  When he arrived back at Barry in 2006, the school had refurbished a building to be used as a Faculty Building with 14 offices.  Birdsong’s new office was smaller than his other two, but there were now more professors at the school.  In this new office Birdsong had a window but it only looked off into the outer corridor of the faculty building.  Better than no window at all!

With Birdsong’s 2009 award of full professorship and his promotion to Associate Dean for Administration, he has been given the smallest office he has yet had.  It is clean and cozy, but has no window.

Perhaps, it is better not to be promoted!


  1. Ramona Cohen April 22, 2009
  2. Ramona Cohen April 22, 2009

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