Weird Criminal Law Stories 49

Birdsong continues to scour the net, newspapers and wire service for more of those weird criminal law stories you love so much.  Here are a few more from Florida where Birdsong lives.  Enjoy.

Pensacola, Fl:  Perhaps giant, baggy pants will soon be out of style.  Police chasing a burglary suspect here had their jobs made easy when the man fell down after tripping on his giant, baggy jeans.  The thief had broken into a convenience store and made off with several packs of cigarettes, police said, but didn’t get fr before he face planted at the edge of the parking lot.


Homestead, FL:  Police did not have to look far to find this piece of stolen property. Cretins in homestead broke into a rail yard and stole a 129 ton locomotive.  Police were able to recover the behemoth seven miles away by following the track.  the thieves were nowhere to be found.

Doesn’t sound like it took super-sleuthing…Toot, Toot!

Bradenton, FL: A 19 year old was arrested for alledgedly stealing a woman’s laptop in a Starbucks after she refused to let him use it to check his Facebook page.  Of course, he didn’t get far, as two customers tackled him in a  nearby  parking lot.

Vanity thy name is man…stupid man.

West Palm Beach, FL:  A courthouse here  had to be shut down recently when it became so infested with mice that they began falling from the ceiling.  The mice were also spotted munching on court papers and scurrying around during trials.


Port St. Lucie, FL:  This Florida  student didn’t understand that one is supposed to give an apple to their teacher — not take it.  An 18 year Port St. Lucie High School student allegedly swiped his teacher’s decorative apple after the teacher confiscate a  metal spring he was playing with during class.

Dodo !

Palm Bay, FL:  Snack attack!  police hee were able to track down a pack of teenage thieves who burglarized a house by following the trail of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrappers they left behind.  Police found the five teens at one of their houses,  where they confessed to burglary.

Betcha pot  smoking was involved in this hiest.  It’s called getting the “munchies.”

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