Weird Criminal Law Stories 53

Birdsong brings you a few more weird criminal law stories that might give you a chuckle.

North Carolina:  Times are tough all over.  Nicole Mary Scarpone,  26, was arrested for burglary after forcing herself into an apartment — and asking three men inside to give her $10 in exchange for sex, police said.  Police, further stated that Scarpone “indicated that she just showed up to make some quick money.”


Polk County, FL: An eight grader here was suspended from riding his school bus for three days — for passing gas.  “It wasn’t even me.  It was the kid who sits next to me,” said purported cheese-cutter Jonathan Locke Jr. 15.  Polk County school official Jerome  Corbert said that although there is no specific rule banning flatulence, “There’s a rule against disturbing the bus.

Oh Poot….

San Francisco, CA: Potty pyros beware — Clorox is looking to clean you up.  Someone has been setting construction site toilets on fire since November, 2008, causing $50,000 in damage.  The cleaning chemical company is offering a $5,000 reward a a year’s supply of toilet cleanser for tip-offs leading to the arrest of the toilet torcher.

We have heard of cross burnings…but potty burnings?

Tasmania:  Perhaps, he should have put a shrimp on the barbie.  An Australian man accidentally set himself on fire when he tried to burn his car to collect insurance money.  “It was the stupidest thing I’ve done in my life, admitted Luke Howe.  To make matters worse, he was sentenced to six months in jail for insurance fraud.

Yes…we know.  it is called “carma.”

Tennessee: A Tennessee man who had a stroke thought that he was minutes from dying.  So, he confessed to a 1977 murder.  However, James Brewer didn’t die and now faces a murder charge!

Someone should have told him there’s no statute of limitations on murder!

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