Weird Criminal Law Stories 52

Birdsong trolls the news and wire services to bring you more weird criminal law.  Enjoy

Bellevue, NE: Arlene Hald, 86, of Nebraska recently received a $1,000 credit card bill for phone sex, supposedly run up by her husband.  Arlene is not mad at her husband — because he has been dead for twenty years and the couple never had a credit card!  The billing company has agreed to remove the charges, believing Hald is a victim of identity theft.

…and she hasn’t had sex in years!

McCook, NE: Ghoulish?  residents of tiny McCook have asked corrections officials if they can have the state prison’s old electric chair to us as a tourist attraction.  Fifteen men were executed in “Old Sparky” before the state Supreme Court abolished capital punishment in 2008.

Tourists better not sit on this chair…or they will have a hot time in Nebraska!

Rocklin, CA: A bowling alley brawl broke out in Rocklin, and it was all over a question of etiquette.  Two groups arrived at a lane at the same time and couldn’t agree who should go first.  It is reported that one man lost a tooth in the fight when he was hit with a ball.

That was some fight….

Milwaukee, WI: Two robbers loaded down with with cash and gems were immediately robbed by a second group of thieves as they walked out the door of a Milwaukee jewelry shop.  Police ultimately arrested all four men, but the jewlery and cash were not recovered.

Sort of like Robin Hood…except the poor never factored in…

Arlington, WA: A woman accused of stealing $73,000 from the Arlington church where she worked said the devil told her to do it.  “Satan had a big part in the theft,” the woman said.  Police and prosecutors can hardly wait until Satan takes the stand in his own defense.

They always make Satan the scapegoat!

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