Weird Criminal Law Stories 51

We have just had our first anniversary of birdsongslaw blog and the weird criminal law stories keep coming.  here are a few more.

Oregon:  Perhaps, it’s all about easy access.  An Oregon pervert had his pants custom tailored so he could easily flash young girls with less chance of being caught.  Unfortunately for him, it did not work, and apparently, he had not learned his lesson.  Byron Earl Huff, 47, has 21 prior arrests for public indecency, among other charges.

Put that nasty thing away you pervert!

Bellevue, WA:  A great way to fight crime — steal the thief’s getaway car.  Patrick Rosario of Bellevue heard burglars breaking in to swipe his three flat screen televisions.  Rosario, 32, sneaked out while calling 911 and saw the getaway van’s motor running, keys in the ignition and no one inside.  So Rosario drove off with the van to a friend’s house, as the burglars fled on foot, leaving the TV’s, a laptop computer and jewelry by his door.

What nincompoops!

Toledo, OH: A man held a woman hostage in Toledo for three days, and did nothing but read the Bible to her.  Troy Brisport grabbed the woman off the street, handcuffed her, put her in an adult diaper and read nonstop to her.  She escaped after he fell asleep.

Oh, what torture!

Utah: A Utah man puzzled by why his gas guage always read half full was stunned when mechanics told hims it was because the tank was filled with 35 pounds of marijuana worth about $35,000.  The car, a Nissan Armada, has had  several owners and was once a rental car.  Police say the current owner is not a suspect.

Yeah…we know.  It was a green car, right!

Virginia: Four University of Virginia students were busted after grabbing a random passer-by, tossing him in the trunk of a car and releasing him 12 miles away.  The victim did not find it funny and pressed charges.  The pranksters each received 90 days in jail.  It was more than likely a fraternity prank.

Hey, there’s a fine line between a frat prank and kidnapping.

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