Weird Criminal Law Stories 50

For Birdsong’s 50th edition of his Weird Criminal Law Stories he brings you an international array of  such stories.  Enjoy.

Australia: An Australian town where 30 sex toys were found lying in front of a house has renamed the street “Dildo Boulevard.”  Resident Laurelle Bates said, “It’s a real mystery.  We have no idea where they came from…they looked used.”  Within hours, many of the of the sex toys had disappeared.  “Some of the bigger ones are gone,” Bates noted casually.

Stuff it!

Italy: A motorist here made a “wee” mistake when he stopped his car to answer the call of nature — and watched in horror as the vehicle slid over a cliff with his wife and child inside.  The car rolled 150 feet before hitting a tree near the town of Montemignaio in Tuscany.  Fortunately, no one was injured.

Wee wee at your own risk.

China: A Chinese burglar who stole a DVD player was arrested when he went back a month later to steal the remote control.  When he broke into the Chengdu home a second time the owner, who was watching TV, promptly called police.


England: A teenage girl who grabbed a 72-year-old British pensioner’s purse picked the wrong old lady.  That’s because the victim had been a high school champion sprinter.  Jean Hirst of Mansfield, was fast out of the starting blocks and covered 200 feet in under 15 seconds to catch the culprit.  “Suddenly I felt 18 again,” said Hirst.  The wayward girl “probably thought I was an easy target, but she shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover,” the sprightly septuagenarian added.


Austria: A western Austria farmer, an old timer from Angerberg, set his house afire after mistaking his fridge for his nearby fireplace.  Adolf Maier, 87, piled wood into the open refrigerator and lit it.  “I thought it was cold when I lit the match,” he said.  “Now I know why.”

He doesn’t need a fire…he needs glasses!

Germany: This robber got away by the seat of his pants, but not for long.   A German thief who grabbed a cellphone from a cabdriver near Cologne lost his trousers when his victim grabbed hold and tore them off.  The man was busted as he tried to board a train in his underpants.

Tidy whiteys or boxers?  Inquiring minds want to know…

Hungary: An 83-year old Hungarian woman whose rap sheet dates to the 1950’s has been arrested for breaking into a house.  Kosztor Sandorne known as “Flying Gizi,” for her habit of fleeing crime scenes by taking commercial flights, claimed she was in the house to try to save money on rent.  She’s been convicted more than 20 times for other crimes.

Old and stupid!

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