Weird Criminal Law 56

Birdsong continues to troll the wire services for those weird criminal law stories.  Here are a few more.

Bethlehem, PA:  His sons might think he is the dad of the year, but prosecutors think he’s a pervert.  Steven Russo pleaded guilty in Bethlehem to hosting a drunken teen party where he put up a stripper pole and encouraged high school cheerleaders to dance.  Wouldn’t you know it, photos of the event ended up on the Internet.  Russo pleaded guilty to corruption of minors.

Perv !

Harrisburg, PA: A retired police chief said he was held up by “‘the dumbest criminal in Pennsylvania,” which may be an understatement.  A 19 year old man is under arrest for allegedly robbing John Comparetto at gunpoint — while the victim was attending a conventions of narcotics cops in Harrisburg.  After Comparetto gave up his money and cellphone, he and fellow conventioneers chased down the petty hood as he tried to escape in a taxi.

Did they open a can of  “Whup Ass” on him when they caught him?

Philadelphia, PA: Lyndel Toppin, of Philly, was arrested after attacking his fiance for making his meatball sandwich the “wrong” way.  Toppin became furious “due” to the victim not placing the cheese on his hoagie correctly,” according to a police report.  He allegedly grabbed a knife and nearly chopped off one of the woman’s fingers before sinking his teeth into her wrist.

Hope he’s not as fussy about jail food!

Newcastle,  IN:  This Newcastle driver just didn’t want to hear it!  When a bicyclist tried to warn Curtis Cross that there were kids around and that he was going to fast in his SUV, Cross pulled over and bit off the cyclist’s left ear, police said.  Cross beat the biker to the ground, then spit his ear out at him.

Good Lord!!!!  Sounds like Mike Tyson….

Worcester, MA: A biblical tide of anger swept through the parking lot of the Worcester courthouse when a man tipped over an eight-foot statue of Moses.  Not surprisingly Brendan Pemberton had just left the DMV.  He said he was furious that officials refused to renew his license unless he paid off a 20 year old speeding ticket.

What nerve they have….

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