Weird Criminal Law Stories 57

Birdsong brings you more weird criminal law stories from around the world.  They are all true.  Enjoy.

Bosnia: Think this may be overkill? A man in Bosnia tried to murder his nagging  mother in law with an anti-tank missile.  And when she survived, Miroslav Miljici tried to finish her off with a machine gun.  Amazingly, she survived both attacks with barely a scratch.  Miljici — who got six years for attempted murder — told the court he could no longer take her incessant nagging.

Doesn’t sound like overkill…more like no kill!

South Korea: A woman in South Korea was under investigation when it was discovered that she had lived with her husband’s corpse for 15 months in the belief that prayer would bring him back to life.  Police say the man’s body was effectively mummified and did not smell.  No criminal charges were lodged.

They do say that prayer can sometime move mountains…why not resurrection?

Nigeria: He did not live a life of crime, but now he is trying to make up for that fact.  A 114 year old man was arrested in Nigeria after narcotics agents in Ogun State found 6 1/2 tons of marijuana in his home.  Sulaiman Adebayo claims he thought the 254 sacks of weed contained only rice.

Why lock him up?  Any amount of jail time will be a death sentence. How dangerous can a 114 year old be any way?

Taiwan:  In Taiwan, it is a crime to throw your money away — if you do it from a taxi.  a man tossed $41,000 onto the streets from a taxi in a crowded part of Taichung city, causing a traffic jam as people rushed to grab the cash.  “He might have had a nervous condition, as his state of mind wasn’t normal,” said a cop.  The suspect was to be charged with public endangerment.

…should have been charged with lunacy!

Austria: A court in Klagenfurt, Austria, fined a 73 year old mom $478 for phoning her son frequently — up to 49 times a day.  “I just wanted to talk to him,” she told authorities after her son complained about her constant calls.

Yak, yak, yakity yak….

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