Weird Criminal Law Stories 63

Yellowstone, WY: Two Yellowstone National Park employees were fired after committing a national outrage by peeing into the “Old Faithful” geyser — an act caught on the web cam that streams video of the landmark’s eruptions.  The two were fired, fined and banned from the Wyoming park.  It appears that criminal charges for  UIP — urinating in public were not filed.

When you gotta go, you gotta go…

Needham, MA:  Police  in this Massachusetts town pulled over a man for driving erratically and discovered he was eating a bowl of cereal.  When asked what he was doing the 48 year old driver replied, simply that he was hungry.

I’ll bet he was a “cereal” offender, ha, ha,ha,ha….

Tonawanda, NY: Three teens from this New York town were arrested after driving up alongside an unmarked police car and asking the two cops inside, “You guys got any weed?”  When the police — whose T-shirts said “POLICE” — pulled the teens over, one of them began chugging a beer and said, “if I’m going to jail I might as well get fucking juiced.”


Uniontown, PA: A handcuffed prisoner who got away from cops in Uniontown wrecked a truck he stole because he couldn’t steer with his shackles on.  Shaun Rosario escaped from a police car when it pulled over and the officer went to pay.  Police caught up with Rosario when he crashed.

You can run but you can not not steer!

Tazewell, TN: A spicy twist on using boiling oil!  A woman in Tazewell warded off a home invasion by hurling a bowl of scalding hot chili at the two would be burglars trying to break in her home.  The men then fled after Wanda Bray chased them with a  broom.  Police caught them later and charged them with the home invasion, as well as a convenience store robbery.

To the ramparts!!!

Waukegan, IL: A 66-year old pilot was hit with a fine and given community service for landing his plane on an Illinois golf course so his 14 year old son wouldn’t be late for his tennis lesson at a center next door.  Robert Kadera had to pay a $500 fine and perform 60 hours of community service.

What a flying ass!


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