Weird Criminal Law Stories 65

Georgia: A Georgia woman was nabbed after she had two men threaten another man into having sex with her.  The victim initially rebuffed Edie Jean Wells’ offer of sex for money, but then did have relations with her after her accomplices went inside his home and threatened him, police said.  The trio then swiped an ATM card from him, and held him captive for several hours before his paycheck cleared and they were able to withdraw cash from his account.

…talk about desperation!

Wellington, New Zealand: A couple whose bank accidentally handed their gas station business a $6.1 million credit line has fled New Zealand with $2.3 million in cash taken from the account, the bank said recently.  Interpol is leading a search for Leo Gao and Kara Yang, believed to have fled to Hong Kong or China with Yang’s daughter, Leena,7.

Sounds like an ‘accidental” heist…they will never be heard from again.

Long Beach, NY:  A Long Island dad’s attempt to make his daughter a beauty queen has gotten them hauled into court and threatened with jail time.  Joseph Naraine was busted for allegedly turning his Long Beach home into a do it yourself night club packed with people to hold a fundraiser for daughter Narja’s pageant expenses.  He was busted May 3, 2009 and slapped with city code violations that could lead to a $13,000 fine and 15 days in jail.  “This is just harassment,” he said.  “we’re having a fund raiser here for my daughter and the whole police department wants to come into my basement.”

Hey meathead, when you sell liquor in your basement, of course, the police will want a piece of the action.

Athens, Greece: Why stop with the kitchen sink? Robbers in Athens stole an entire prefabricated house, pulling it off its foundations and driving away with it.  The entire contents of the 750 square foot home went along.

That takes chuptza!

Pennsylvania:  A thief with sticky fingers!  Cops in Pennsylvania linked a man to three burglaries in which apartments were vandalized with spray paint and chocolate pudding — when they caught him covered with chocolate syrup.  the man admitted trashing the apartments — as if he had a choice.

Sounds like some kind of kinky sex subsitute…spray paint and chocolate?

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