Weird Criminal Law Stories 66

Ohio: Could this be geezers gone wild?  An 82 year old Ohio man was arrested after punching another elderly man in a road rage  incident, then slugging him again when the victim pointed a pistol at his chest.  Beecher Davis told police he objec1ted to twice being called an s.o.b. by 67 year old Charlie Bruener Sr., after Davis cut off Bruener’s vehicle.

Boys, boys, you must play nice…no guns or punching!

Collin County, Texas: Blowing off jury duty cost a Texas man 83 days in jail.  A Collin County judge released Douglas Maupin, 34 over the weekend and called his lengthy confinement “unacceptable.”  Maupin was arrested on February 15, 2009, after cops pulled him over for speeding and flagged his 2003 warrant for failure to appear for jury duty.

…they should have let him rot in jail for such a heinous crime!

Germany: A bumbling German detective was arrested for robbing a bank without a mask, using his police issue pistol– and making his getaway in an unmarked police car.  “He may as well just walked into the bank, told them his him name and where the police could find him afterward,” said one of his colleagues.  Cops said the robber was looking for a quick fix for his financial problems.

Sounds like Inspector Clouseau to me!

Kansas City, MO: Here’s another robbery.  Why worry about leaving fingerprints behind when you can just leave your entire wallet! A Kansas City bank robber did just that after walking out of a bank branch with a $10,000 heist.  Police were waiting for Albert Vincent Perkins when he got home.


Maine: All that education up in smoke!  A student at Unity College in Maine was busted after moving out of her dorm room at the end of the school year  and leaving all her pot plants for campus police to find.  While she had packed up the rest of her belongings, she left 10 plants in plastic tubs  in the room.


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