Weird Criminal law Stories 72

Portsmouth, NH: Police in Portsmouth had no trouble identifying this assault suspect — they had arrested  Paul Baldwin 152 time before.  The 49 year old career criminal has a record dating back to 1984.  His most recent bust came just days after he had completed a one year prison sentence for one of his previous crimes.


Doylestown, PA:  As the jury deliberated in Timothy Zalut’s assault case, the marriage minded defendant asked the judge to join him and his girlfriend in marriage.  Zalut, 31 and Hayley Dykstra, 20, tied the knot, then Zalut took a plea bargain and got five years probation.

I now pronounce you man and wife…and guilty!

Lafayette, LA: Bikini bandits.  Surveillance cameras at a Lafayette apartment complex captured two bikini clad hotties stealing items from several cars parked outside.  The klepto-chicks stole a GPS, a wallet and sunglasses, then fled on foot.

…bet they wore teeney weeney polka dot bikinis…

Terre Haute, IN: An alleged drunk who wrecked his car tried to get himself out of trouble by walking two miles to a farmhouse and taking a tractor to use as a makeshift tow truck.  Kevin Michael Whitesell, 31, lost control as he hauled both vehicles and landed in a creek before fleeing.

That’s what alcohol Will do…

Sandusky, OH:  There’s a fine line here between being a good Samaritan and a criminal nuisance.  A man who took it upon himself to mow unkempt grass in a public park was arrested after police told him to stop and he refused.. John Hamilton said he mowed only when the grass had gotten to be a foot high.  City officials say budget cuts have left  them understaffed.

No good deed goes unpunished…

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