Weird Criminal Law Stories 73

Manhattan, NY: Dawud Yadullah, a former convict, has filed suit in in federal court against an upstate New York prison nurse.  Allegedly, the nurse, Judith Lovelace, sent him back to his cell after medication side effects gave him a erection that would not go away. Yadullah says he suffered a painful erection for 55 hours before finally getting hospital treatment to relieve the problem in his pants. Yadullah, 43, claims nurse Lovelace’s diagnostic foul-up left him “irreparably injured” with “severe damage to his penis, including erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate and pain during intercourse.”  The Manhattan Federal court suit does not specify damages but demands “stiff” punishment for Lovelace’s “cruel and uncivilized conduct.”

This certainly gives new meaning to “doing hard time.”

Warren, MI: The fur was flying near Detroit when police used a stun gun — on  a large stuffed cat.  A 911 caller caller in Warren reported seeing a 150 pound cougar in a drain pipe.  Cops thought they, too, saw a big cat and zapped it — only to learn it was a toy.

All of these folks need new glasses.

Bexar County, TX: Courtrooms can be such a drag some say.  A Texas defense attorney was busted in a hall of justice for allegedly carrying  marijuana and a pipe in her purse.  A security guard at the Bexar County Courthouse busted Regina Criswell, 50, at a screening station.  The dopey legal eagle told authorities she had been holding the contraband for a client.

Old and dumb…

Brooklyn, NY: In early June, 2009, a Brooklyn man was clinging to life after being shot while trying to stop a fight that cost his son and his son’s friend their lives.  Garth Pascoe, 50, rushed to intervene when he saw his son Dwayne Pascoe, 26, about to pull a gun while arguing with the friend, Lennox Lewis, 39, on a Saturday night outside a bodega in East Flatbush.  He was too late!  Lewis drew a gun of his own and shot both the father and son in the chest.  Pascoe then grabbed his son’s gun and shot Lewis in the head ans shoulder. Dwayne Pascoe and Lennox Lewis both died at the scene.  The older Pascoe was listed in critical condition at Brookdale Hospital.  It was unclear whether he would face criminal charges.

Headline:  Wounded Man Kills Son’s Killer!

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