Weird Criminal Law Stories 75

Portsmouth, NH: A New Hampshire teenager was wrestled to the ground, held in a headlock and jailed on $10,000 bail for allegedly shoplifting Cheez Whiz.  Kyle Ware, 18, of Portsmouth, allegedly tried to sneak off with the cheesy snack by putting it in his pants and sneaking out of a supermarket.

Yes, yes, we  know….he shouldn’t have taken a “Whiz” in the supermarket!

Washington State: This coach taught his players more than stealing bases.  A Little League coach in Washington has been accused of using some of his players to help him in a break-in.  George Spady Jr. allegedly took his son, a nephew and another player from the team with him when he burglarized a store.  He was charged with the burglary after one of the kids decided not to “play ball” and told his stepfather about the break-in.

You’re Out!

Madison, AL:  an Alabama man might have had his last Big mac for a while.  The burger-lover was arrested for allegedly passing a phony $100 bill at a McDonald’s in Madison, leading police find $16,000 more in counterfeit C-notes in his home.

….but did they find the printing press?

Danville, VA: A Danville cop fatally shot an 11-year old miniature dachshund named Killer, who ran at him as he tried to serve two warrants on a neighbor.  Police defended the shooting, but Killer’s owner, Tawaiin Harper, said, “He was just a little house dog.”

But, obviously one who had a vicious streak for cops….


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