Weird Criminal Law Stories 76

Oviedo, FL:  Thieves in Oviedo have a thing for women’s wear.  A man was spotted stealing $2,000 worth of bras and panties from an Oviedo Victoria’s Secret, just days before a different man went into a Macy’s and stole  a number of designer dresses worth $2,600.

I bet they were actually working together.  One got the underwear and the other the outer wear! Yuk….

Lawrence, MA: A Massachusetts defense lawyer faces assault charges after a female attorney said he gave her a bear-hug in court.  Pamela Saia-Rogers, 39, told Lawrence police that lawyer Robert LeBlanc, 64, hugged her from behind in November 2008.  A judge in Woburn District Court found probable cause.

Yep…sounds like assault…an offensive hugging!

Mexican Waters:  The Mexican navy seized more than a ton of cocaine stuffed inside the frozen carcasses of 20 sharks aboard a freight ship. “Those in charge of the shipment said it was a conserving agent, but after checks, we confirmed it was cocaine,” said Commander Eduardo Villa.

A new kind of “great white” shark.

Medford, NY: In what has been investigated as a hate crime on Long Island, an Ecuadoran family in Medford found racist epithets scrawled on trash dumped on their manicured lawn overnight, cops said mid-June, 2009.  Graphic artist Freddy Cevallos, 26, said his family woke up to find condoms, tampons, fast-food wrappers, pages torn from a high school SAT review book and swiffer pads strewn on the lawn and scrawled with racist words and phrases.  The family had lived in the house for 14-years without incident.

Weird and nasty too….

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