Weird Criminal Law Stories 77

Birdsong continues to bring you those wacky and weird criminal law stories you all enjoy so much.

Oklahoma City, OK: She’s all that  — and a bag of chips.  An Oklahoma City street walker offered her services in exchange for a bag of Frito-Lay chips after  a john said he had no money.  Unfortunately for them, a police cruiser drove by as they were doing the “do”  in a car.  Lahoma Sue Smith, 36, has several prostitution busts.  Police let the man go.

My God…how hungry was this woman — a bag of chips!

Taipei, Taiwan: A man just released from jail for swiping shoes immediately walked into a store and stole a box of plastic swabs.  He told police he wanted to get arrested again because “he could not forget the police department’s delicious boxed lunches.”

Sounds like a culinary review any chef would be proud of…..

Sweden: A Swedish man, sleeping in his camper trailer woke up to find that a group of thieves had broken into his motor home and were driving off with it — with him inside!   When the thieves stopped and found him, they ran off.

That was what we call a rude awakening.

Groningen, Holland: Dutch police arrested two men who robbed a teenager after the victim spotted a picture of the pair following him on the Web, on Google Street View.  Cops took one look at the two and knew them as a troublemaking pair of twins in the town of Groningen.  The pair took $230 and a cellphone after knocking the teen off his bike.

What was a teenager doing riding a bike while carrying that much cash?

Cowlitz  County, WA: This guy did not go with the flow.  Police in Cowlitz County had to Taser a wacky motorist after he was seen cruising down the interstate highway — in reverse.  The man came to a stop in the middle of three lanes and was laughing as police approached his car.  He refused to exit the vehicle and went wild when police tried to pull him out.

Sounds like he was either crazy or drunk…or maybe both!

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