Krystal Birdsong's Writings 15

We all loved  my daughter Krystal Birdsong who passed away in September 2008.  In her memory Birdsong has been posting some of the things she wrote over the years.  Krystal was a wonderful writer.  Here’s a short piece we found in one of her journals.  She wrote the following in 1999, when she was the fashion writer for her high school newspaper in Maryland.

Fashion Tip For November

 This month there is a certain item of clothing that has been catching my eye.  Turtlenecks.  Luckily, they’re back and better than ever.  They are usually form fitting, emphasizing natural body curves.  Also, the high neck draws attention to the face and hair.  So, girls, don’t forget  to wear nice shimmery makeup and try try out a nice up-do for your hair the next time you wear a turtleneck.  Honestly, I couldn’t be happier that turtlenecks are wearable again — its getting chilly outside these days.

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