Weird Criminal Law Stories 80

Gainesville, GA: Some politicians really do go to the Appalachian Trail to hike, but it still gets them in trouble.  The ex-mayor of Gainesville was arrested for sitting nude at a park campsite with a woman not far from the famous hiking trail, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported June 27, 2009.  When confronted, Mark Musselwhite, beer in hand, insisted he wasn’t also the same naked man spotted earlier walking along the road.

Must have been hot out, huh?

Allentown, PA:  You might be a “redneck” if…..:  Charles Brinker of Allentown was sentenced to 18 months probation after driving his lawn tractor into his house and threatening to tear  the  house down.  Why?  Because his wife asked him to stop smoking!

Brinker might be a “redneck” for this stunt….

Kalamazoo, MI: A Western Michigan University student committed what a judge called “the dumbest crime I’ve heard” by stealing a computer from the Kalamazoo County jail where he was serving time for another crime.  William Bradley, a 25 year old sophomore admitted, “I’m not the best criminal.”

Maybe that’s why you are in jail dummy…..

Anderson, OH: Recently a burglar broke into an Anderson home — and stayed an entire week.  Nicholas Truesdell allegedly slept in the master bedroom, watched TV and spent time on the computer.  He “used the residence as his own,” an investigator said.  And, adding insult to injury, Truesdell also drove around in the owner’s car, according to police.

So…Where the heck was the homeowner all this time?

Shelbyville, TN: A man and woman in Shelbyville were charged with domestic assault after their “verbal altercation” escalated into a giant snack attack, with each hurling puffy orange cheeseballs at each other, police said.  No injuries — only hurt feelings.

Hands up and drop the Cheeto.

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